Calum Stirling

Image: Comma, (video still)
Copyright the artist 2015

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Recent Projects
Screening of 50 Htz or Thereabouts re-edit by Vilte VaitkutÄ— with a live soundtrack by Vernon & Burns. Old Hairdressers, Glasgow.
A Public Library of and for Listening. A project with Anneke Kampman and Katherine MacBride.
Glasgow International, Mitchell Library (Glasgow Room)
The Frolicsome Engines Orchestrion, Old Hairdressers, Glasgow International, Glasgow
Ringmodulator, Kunstraum, Düsseldorf
Artists who make music Musicians who make art. QPRC, Glasgow
Art Lending Library, Nottingham


Stallan Brand, Glasgow
Hallraum Worringer Platz, Dusseldorf
Borealis Radio. Sound work made for Radiophrenia FM